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Garage Door Repair: A Guide


Often you may run into problems with your garage door. There are things that you can do before calling a professional to prepare it for you. Some repairs can seem easy. For example, a squeaky door needs a good cleaning and lubrication. Other repairs such as replacing the torsion spring are dangerous and require the help of a professional.


Before you make the repair, ensure that you unplug the garage door so that you do not get electrified when you're trying to repair it. Ensuring that the electricity is disconnected to the garage door will ensure safety for the repairer. There are a couple of things that you can do before calling a professional. For example, check the metal tracks of the garage door for damages. Most of the time garage doors may be dysfunctional because of damage to metal tracks. they may have dents or bumps. If you find any damage like this, use a wooden block or a hammer to straighten the track. This will solve the problem easily and save you money before calling in the professional for a small issue such as that.


You can also check the alignment of the tracks. If the tracks are not well aligned, you can unscrew the tracks and try to loosen the bolts and get them back into position. Tracks being out of line may cause the garage door to not close properly. It is also important that you lubricate the tracks and the rollers of the garage door. Most of the time, lubrication may be the problem to your garage door not opening and closing well. You can purchase a lubricant spray or silicone spray. It is best that you clean the tracks before having them lubricated. Any movable parts will always be more efficient when it cleaned before lubrication.


Another tip is to clean and dry the tracks.  you have to be consistently removing this dirt in the tracks by using regular cleaners. This will ensure that you run into fewer challenges with the garage door in the future. To learn more about garage door repair, visit


Also, tighten the lose bolts and screws to facilitate the opening and the closing mechanisms of your garage door. A loose screw may be the sole problem to your garage door. After doing all these things and your garage door seems to still have a problem, you can call in a professional Welding and Iron Works Los Angeles because the problem may be with the door spring.


You need to call in the professional to check this out because people have been injured or gotten killed by the garage door springs. at this point, it is good to contact a professional Garage Door Repair Los Angeles to repair your garage door.